The first point on a channel of energy is called the entry point. It holds the potential for the entire transformation of Qi along that channel. In the beginning there is a microcosm of the entire. Like a baby or a seed, the entry point is this first amazing emergence of life. 

The Taoists say that we exit into life and enter into death. This esoteric teaching shows us a glimpse of the continuity between living things and how we are just a breath in the expanse of life's movement. It also points to the fact that life is always a fractured continuum of the whole.

MOUNTAIN has been open one month today, it is with amazement that I write this first blog post. A birth announcement in a way!

MOUNTAIN, for those who do not already know, is a space dedicated to the synergy that creates health.

What is important to us is community, health, ecology and creativity. We believe that creativity is the flower that speaks to a life's true expression, true movement.

MOUNTAIN is dedicated to seasonal awareness through local, healing food, acupuncture, naturopathy, yoga, Qi gong and herbal remedies.

We have four basic arenas that all point to wellness.


The Apothecary Kitchen

Photo: Michael Vahrenwald

The Clinic

Photo: Michael Vahrenwald

Photo: Michael Vahrenwald

The Dispensary

Photo: Michael Vahrenwald

The Classroom

Photo: Michael Vahrenwald. Artist: Patricia Iglesias

You can access the pages on our website to view what we offer in each area of these spaces.

Tom has been working hard to create a sustainable kitchen. The food coming out is wonderful! If you haven't stopped by to sample something from the kitchen, please take a minute to pop by? We cannot wait to serve you.  Our staff is just amazing....Come in and see how nice it feels to be around people happy to see you and serve you!

Photo: Michael Vahrenwald

Stay tuned for future blog posts highlighting the people who helped to create MOUNTAIN. We could never have gotten this far without our community!

With love,